4+ Year Aged Straight Bourbon

4+ Year Aged Straight Bourbon

SKU: 4 Year Bourbon

Maryland’s Premier Bourbon - Aged in #3 char, 30-gallon American White Oak barrels.
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Featured as “Maryland’s Bourbon” by Whiskey Advocate magazine, our Straight Bourbon Whiskey is made from corn grown on our farm and rye sourced from the local Mennonite community. Our mash bill is “Rye forward” about 25%, reflecting the early Maryland distillers such as Basil Hayden, Jeramiah Wathen, J.W. Dant amongst others. Our water is pure from an ancient aquifer beneath our farm that dates to the “Eocene” age, when dinosaurs roamed Maryland. We age our Bourbon in #3 char, 30-gallon barrels for over 4 years. Great flavor profile that expresses the provenance and terroir of Maryland Style Bourbon.


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