USS Constellation

USS Constellation

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Aged aboard the historic U.S.S. Constellation for a year.
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“All Maryland” Rum distilled from premium molasses made at the Domino factory in Baltimore. This Rum is meant to reflect the character and heritage of Navy Rum’s during the age of sail. Following distillation, we carefully transport our Rum to Baltimore in used Bourbon and load aboard the historic U.S.S. Constellation for a year. During this “Voyage” the barrels are subjected to an aging process unlike any other. The gentle rocking of the Ship on the daily tide, coupled with the fluctuations in temperature, gives this Rum a deeper and richer flavor. Following the “Voyage” the rum is aged over 2 more years in our Rickhouse. Each bottle of U.S.S. Constellation Rum is marked with its unique Voyage number. A portion of the proceeds helps to support Historic Ships in Baltimore.


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